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Environmental policy

ACL Comms is committed to minimising our impact on the environment.

Our commitment

We will:

  • Meet or exceed requirements set out in applicable environmental legislation.
  • Work towards minimising our energy consumption.
    • Electronic equipment and lights are switched off overnight, or when not in use.
    • Energy saving devices (powerdowns) are used for computers and peripherals.
  • Minimise the waste we generate and dispose of any waste responsibly.
  • Recycle and reuse wherever possible.
    • Refurbishing telephones for reuse is a large part of our business. Whilst all cleaning products impact on the environment, we minimise the use of chemicals in the cleaning process. All cleaning is by done by hand by experienced staff and judgement is used for each item when selecting the most appropriate cleaning method.
    • Office stationery is reused, and printer toner cartridges are recycled.
    • Paper use is kept to a minimum, and paper is either reused or recycled where appropriate.
    • We send all non-sensitive waste paper to a local recycling company.
    • We use the local authority facility for recycling batteries and scrap copper.
    • We reuse old boxes and packaging for our deliveries.
    • We send waste plastic to a third party who sells it on for recycling to buckets and other types of utility products.
  • Involve the whole company.
    • All employees have been consulted about the environmental policy and are aware of how their actions can affect the company's impact on the environment.